This anniversary gift was so fun for me.

I got to work in silver (if a client doesn’t ask, I usually just default to gold) and did some gouache floral painting in a color other than pink to match the tone of the clients’s wedding and home decor.

It took some creative reworking of their song’s lyrics to fit the “good parts” onto two pieces but I think it all turned out grandly.

Happy anniversary to these lovebirds!

Ideal Bookshelf is hands down one of my favorite things in this world.

It makes me so happy that someone is doing it to make a living out of their passion, that it is successful and well-done and pretty and meaningful.

It makes me so sad that I didn’t come up with it first.

More custom mugs, for another bridal party!
This bride texted me upon receiving them:

"Just got the mugs. I’m crying too hard to call you right now. You captured them each so perfectly. They are better than I could have possibly imagined. I can’t express how perfect and meaningful these gifts will be. Thank you ever so much.
It’s a little freaky how accurately you got the A-frame with the dock that I didn’t even mention, and the exact barn design with mountain placement, etc. I’ve known these ladies for 25-30 years, and have never been able to give them something like this. I can’t stop crying tears of joy and gratitude.”

..which, I mean is a pretty good reason to keep doing what I am doing. Humbled and happied and can’t wait to do more!

This was the hardest I’ve worked on a logo/brand identity yet. Part of the challenge was not knowing what the end “product” actually is, as the client wants it to kind of morph and evolve depending on the people involved. But after initial concepting, changing direction entirely, and then working through final iterations of color, we arrived at the final (for now) version in yellow. I kind of love it.

Full wedding invitation suite design for a “Ralph Lauren chic backyard wedding” incorporating navy blue and light peach colors.
Invitation and RSVP card letterpressed on Bright White Reich Savoy paper by Studio Slomo.
Detail cards giclée printed by Skyline Printing, and the menu and programs by Print Solutions, all here in Austin, Texas.

This was my first full wedding suite - and this photo doesn’t even include the lined envelopes and belly band we ordered to tie it all together.
It was an excellent learning experience for me - especially working in a style that doesn’t come as naturally to me. But after seeing photos of the brides’ big day, I think these set the tone for the event and complemented their day perfectly.

This client wanted a custom print to give to her husband on their wedding day, this weekend. She sent me some phrases and inside jokes to incorporate and a few icons that hold special meaning to their relationship.
This is the final digital art - the deliverable is an 18”x24” giclée print on Epson Fine Art paper.