Type Installations

Set designer Nicola Yeoman has created a series of artworks, installations and set design for both editorial and advertising campaigns. 


Woolen by Magpie Paper Works 

Woolen is a font inspired by freshly fallen snow and swags of mistletoe. Her italicized letters are based upon a type specimen by Jean Jannon, originally published by the Imprimerie Royale in 1641. Many of the capital letters are decorated with small sprouts of mistletoe, though they can also be spring leaves, depending on how you use the font! This font is a subtle and organic update to a classic serif typeface - she is warm and historical without being too trendy

Download it here:

Another anniversary gift, this one done as three separate pieces with the intention of being displayed together.

The lyrics are from a song significant to the couple, and were done in gold ink. The embellishments were painted with gouache.
Full story on the pieces here.

Staunch nostalgist of all films Disney, while a strict hater of Disneyland as an adult travel destination, I often question where some of my ideas of love and ladyhood got messed up along the way. I think Disney is partly responsible (how could it not be, comprising 90% of my media consumption as a kid?) Lots of subversion of Disney characters in internet art projects lately but I think this one was done right. Someone in LA let me know how the exhibit is in person!

Process sketches and concepts, followed by the final print, for a custom commissioned piece for a client who is going through a rough time and just needed a friendly reminder to look at every now and then.

I’ve been home in Portland, Oregon for almost 2 weeks, now, and have gotten 3 visits in with each of my grandparents and it’s never enough. Moved by this little animated short this morning and sad-and-comforted about the inevitability of loss.
I want to hang out with this kid so badly. His P.O. Box address is: Danny Nickerson P.O. Box 212 Foxboro, MA 02035 Let’s flood his mailbox with love and letters.

Working Locally

When I moved to Austin, I had no idea how to meet anyone new, let alone actually turn those people into friends.  I did have time to kill, an empty apartment, and a $200 giftcard to Anthropologie, though, so I spent the better part of a full day there in February.  

I think I stalled because it was cold out, and I was avoiding the bus, and because any excuse to leave the apartment was a welcome one, but another reason I ended up there for so long was that I chose some knobs for a dresser that, of course, weren’t in stock.  One of the sales women on the floor helped me order them, and in the process of doing so, ended up getting to know all of my past addresses, credit card information, &  current address while we entered all of the necessary information to get the rogue knobs into my possession.  

Long story short, we ended up being friends, and she has since left her position at Anthro to pursue her talents as a children, family, and lifestyle photographer in Austin full time. 

Laura Morsman Photography is light-filled and whimsical.  She has an eye for what’s on trend while managing to capture timeless images.  It has been fun to encourage each other while building our businesses this year and last week I was lucky enough to supply a chalkboard for her Winter Solstice shoot featuring a bunch of adorable children romping around in a clearing at the golden hour.  The final product is what I imagine Arcade Fire would look like in miniature.  Below is my contribution - the Laura Morsman Photography logo rendered in chalk - and a link to the rest of the shoot.


This was my first experience with local collaboration and I am looking forward to do more of it!