I want to hang out with this kid so badly. His P.O. Box address is: Danny Nickerson P.O. Box 212 Foxboro, MA 02035 Let’s flood his mailbox with love and letters.

Working Locally

When I moved to Austin, I had no idea how to meet anyone new, let alone actually turn those people into friends.  I did have time to kill, an empty apartment, and a $200 giftcard to Anthropologie, though, so I spent the better part of a full day there in February.  

I think I stalled because it was cold out, and I was avoiding the bus, and because any excuse to leave the apartment was a welcome one, but another reason I ended up there for so long was that I chose some knobs for a dresser that, of course, weren’t in stock.  One of the sales women on the floor helped me order them, and in the process of doing so, ended up getting to know all of my past addresses, credit card information, &  current address while we entered all of the necessary information to get the rogue knobs into my possession.  

Long story short, we ended up being friends, and she has since left her position at Anthro to pursue her talents as a children, family, and lifestyle photographer in Austin full time. 

Laura Morsman Photography is light-filled and whimsical.  She has an eye for what’s on trend while managing to capture timeless images.  It has been fun to encourage each other while building our businesses this year and last week I was lucky enough to supply a chalkboard for her Winter Solstice shoot featuring a bunch of adorable children romping around in a clearing at the golden hour.  The final product is what I imagine Arcade Fire would look like in miniature.  Below is my contribution - the Laura Morsman Photography logo rendered in chalk - and a link to the rest of the shoot.


This was my first experience with local collaboration and I am looking forward to do more of it! 

I don’t know if I am allowed to post this yet but nobody I know uses Tumblr. So… it’s going up. A (very generous) first anniversary gift from a friend to his friends, explained in a custom commissioned card by yours truly.

A thing about which I am embarrassed

The resentment and jealousy I harbor towards the success and talents of Anna Rifle Bond can only be measured on the same scale of pettiness heretofore reserved for 7th grade girls.

How can I admire someone so much while wanting to steal her boyfriend-slash-wildly-successful-paper goods-empire SO BADLY?

My love for letters started with loving the way they came together to make books. I was lucky to be read aloud to every night as a child by one or the other parent through 5th grade. At first they’d alternate nights reading the same book to me, but by the time I was in 4th grade the stories got so good and rich they didn’t want to miss nights, so my mom and I would have one book going, Dad and I another. They were always readers - my dad devoured the entire newspaper nearly every day, and my mom would get on kicks of reading everything by one author in a row. I can picture her Amy Tan books in their protective library plastic, sunning themselves on our deck next to her dewy glass of Diet Pepsi. We still read together. A few winters ago during one of our weekly phone marathons, Mom and I happily discovered that we had both started reading Great Expectations without any plans to do so. I still give my dad a book almost every Christmas. (I gave Mom one last year that she loathed, but I still stand by as one of the best books I’ve read in the last few years). Even my little brother, with whom it is hard to find common ground, read Unbroken along with the rest of us and was just as captivated by its power. I have lots of friends who aren’t avid readers. I know plenty of successful people who don’t love books. I am aware that we are supposed to let our children be who they are, but, I sincerely hope my kids love to read with ardor and I will be damned if they don’t have a great window seat to do it on.



Diaz Albertini (1909), Giovanni Boldini / Fancy, Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX


Typeverything.com - New York by @ray_masaki

Ray Masaki, despite being younger than I am, is one of my mentors and the person who taught me the alphabet all over again at the age of 27. Talented and patient, knowledgable and disciplined - I was happy to run into his work by accident over the weekend when a few typography+lettering outlets that I follow posted this work of his. Other projects of his include: Atlent Mag* Emceez Ansari* Lowdtown, a streetwear brand *Co-creator credit to Chris Ralston